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The last「Jack Pete Lisa」 special project art exhibition that transcended the stream of consciousness received a lot of enthusiasm and praise, and bookings came in an endless stream. This time, THE SHOUTER has invited a group of young and up-and-coming artists to present a sunny and fresh " A ROOM THAT RELEASES SPORES " art event.


" A ROOM THAT RELEASES SPORES " is a mixed-media exhibition that is closely related to nature and body, specially curated for THE SHOUTER by artist Wenxin Zhang. The works include painting, photography, sculpture, video, writing and music. " A ROOM THAT RELEASES SPORES " is not a depiction of a single picture, but rather a focus on the individual experience of the artist and the spontaneous resonance between the works when they are in the same room, between them and the historic building of the Cloister, and between the people in the space and the work.


THE SHOUTER immersive experience store launched the "Flower Hall Project", is committed to providing a new art and humanities intersection space in the urban background of Shanghai, an international city, and extending the rich humanistic and artistic feelings from the past to the further future. THE SHOUTER designed to support the new more young artists, clever will "art, trends, mashups, interesting" brand language is blended in among them, let the thinking of modern art and classical household design element organic combination, break the limitation of time and space, attract a more diverse friends gathered here, as the voice of art trends.



VIP Open Day: Jan. 22, 2021,17:00-20;00

Public Open Day: Jan. 23, 2021 to Feb. 21, 2021, 10:00-18:00 closed every Tuesday

Location: 2nd Floor, Cloister, No.62, West Fuxing Road, Shanghai, China 

THE SHOUTER Immersive Experience Store


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